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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

niagara lately: volume II.

i love the way the light filters through the canopy onto the forest floor,
 the way it sounds, the way it feels, how it keeps me longing for more.

i love how the clouds make the sky look ever more blue,
and the way the trees seem to frame off the prettiest of views.

i love the way the tall grass sways in the smallest of breezes,
the way it dances across the landscape, how it moves, how it teases. 

but what i love the most about being deep within the heart,
is how it has the most beautiful way of bringing me right back to the start.
-- just me


  1. This so perfectly captures what I love about living here. I may always be a city girl at heart, but the city has nothing on nature. Never has, never will. It's just too beautiful for words (but your photos say it so nicely, too!)



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