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Thursday, August 02, 2012

dîner en blanc. well la dee fucking da.

a few weeks ago, my friend nataschia emailed me and asked if paulie and i wanted to join her and some friends for a special evening in my favourite little town, niagara on the lake. happening only for the second time in the history of the town, 'diner en blanc' started in paris in the late 80's and slowly made its way from country to country and eventually across the pond to south america, up into new york, los angeles, montreal and into the heart of niagara. organized through the chamber of commerce, guests reserve a table of 8 for a small fee, which guaranteed a place in the picnic and the cost of your table and chair rentals. each table assigns a captain, and decides who is bringing what to dinner, the decor and florals, linens, candles and anything else you may need. an extensive wine list is sent out before hand so each table can pre-order bottles of local wine, which get delivered to the table before dinner starts. each guest is 
encouraged to dress in all white, and an award is given to the best dressed table.

basically, it's a fabulous excuse to dress in all white, stuff your face, drink good wine and picnic with hundreds of beautiful people in the middle of the prettiest town in canada. i was in. hands down. nataschia had asked if i would be interested in doing the decor and florals for all 3 tables, and i couldn't have been happier to say yes. a little intimidated by the fact that the owner of mimosa flower studio would be sitting at our table, i did my best and am very happy with how everything turned out. a hearty collection of milk glass vases filled with hydranges, roses lisianthus and mums, lace tablecloths, paper heart details, tonnes of candlelight and mason jar bud vase place cards, everything came together beautifully-- it was a rustic, vintage, white on white dream.

i was a bit apprehensive that we wouldn't get everything set in time to eat dinner when everyone else was, but it was amazing to see how everyone pulled the look together exactly the way i had been picturing it in my head. it was the perfect way to meet everyone, and 
make some new friends along the way.
because there were 3 tables of us, the decision to have our food catered was brilliantly suggested, so chef erik peacock of wellington court served up stunning platter after stunning platter of the most delicious salmon, chicken, fresh veggies and sauces. eating family style only played up the picnic vibe of the whole night, and we each took turns trying and sharing everything. we literally broke bread and sopped it up 
with olive oil and fresh sea salt. i could eat that shit errrryday.
my favourite part of the event was getting to walk around and creep everyone's tables for ideas. it was amazing to see how much thought and effort was put into planning and designing each and every table. being smack dab in the heart of the town, we were in our own little pocket of white, and as the evening turned to night, everything became even prettier with all the candlelight and the presence of a big, fat, juicy full moon.

we munched on cheese, fruit and nuts for dessert, and fresh local peaches were given out to each guest. at a little after 10pm, each table was given a packet of sparklers to light for when the clock hit 10:15. some of us jumped the gun, some of us held out...and others were a little late to the party. even still, 1000 lit sparklers is a seriously pretty sight.
when the event happened last year, i was kinda bummed that we missed out on the chance to experience the first time it would take place in niagara on the lake. i knew when the time came that the event would roll around again, i would try my best to be a part of it. it was everything i expected it to be, and was an incredible opportunity to get dolled up, spend a perfect summer night outside with friends, 
and do what niagara does best: drink a shit tonne of wine.

you know the saying "you can dress her up, but you probably shouldn't even fucking consider taking that broad out"? 
i have a feeling i may be the epitome of that phrase. 

my biggest fear the entire night, was that i would either spill red wine all over myself, or worse, get a surprise visit from aunt flo. i seriously worried about this so much, that i came fully prepared, and stayed away from anyone drinking red wine. never in my wildest dreams, did i expect that during the hustle and bustle of getting the tables dressed, would one of my chicken cutlets slide down my dewy-with-sweat body, and out the bottom of my dress. luckily, i knew it was happening before it had a chance to hit solid ground, and was able to have my dear, sweet friend nataschia, catch it for me, and put it in her pocket -- in that moment, we took our friendship to a whole new level. to keep me from feeling lopsided all night, i ripped the other one out (in front of everyone) and threw it in my purse. i was free as a bird. if that's not an icebreaker, i don't know what the hell is.

note: i was only wearing those bitches because i saw them in my vanity drawer as i was getting ready, and thought i would get the girls pirky enough to keep paulie's attention all night. i purchased them as part of my jessica rabbit halloween costume two years ago, and haven't worn them since -- until last night that is. they are going in the garbage, never to see the light of day again.


  1. this event basically was created for you, and i LOVE everything!!! So white, so clean so pure so ocd and SO floral! I feel like one day you will become a world famous event planner, and I will be like "LOOK AT MY COUSIN SHE IS STYLISH AND HOT AND TALENTED" - and as for Paul, he makes a better R Patz then R Patz himself, and at least his wife won't cheat on him with an old man. xo <3

    1. He DOES look like R Patz, doesn't he!? He has been told that a few times actually, it always makes me laugh. And yes, I don't plan on delving into wrinkly balls anytime soon. Thanks Lady! xo

  2. I couldn't have said it better than "Love Your Cake"... this event WAS created for you! And I'm so pleased you went and out-prettied everyone with your decor giftings and perfect dress! It all sounded soooo swoonable!! Gush!! Romanticest idea ever. Wish they had one down here!

    1. Hannah! You should start Diner en Blanc in Australia! Do it girly!

  3. I love your shots from the night!! Also, thank you thank you thank you for not writing like a fucking kindergarten teacher. Seems like 90% of the blog-o-sphere is afraid to swear, and thank you for not being among their numbers. Also it's always cool to realize that other people live around here (I mean who aren't retired).

    1. Erin! Thank you lady! You are fucking welcome :) Glad we were able to find each other in the crazy world of the internets.

  4. This looks like such a fun time! I would love to do something like this. Maybe there will be something like this in Portsmouth at some point. It would be a perfect town. And your table looked gorgeous!


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