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Friday, August 10, 2012

cottage life: a hammock view.

considering this is my 100th post, imma go ahead and fill it with photos, videos and words. and shit.

for the 6th glorious summer, a point has been made to come together as a group, and make the cottage happen. plans start while winter is still heavy, and i can feel the spark that ignites the joy of a week of pure bliss in my belly undercarriage. in the weeks leading up, firmer plans are made; what to eat, who will drive,  and how long can we possibly stay. and when the day comes that we pack the car to the tits, and we pile in for the 3.5 hour drive, everything becomes real, and the butterflies in my stomach are a symphony of excitement. pure, piss yourself, joy.

the anticipation of driving down the dirt road that takes us to our simple summer cottage abode, is the best feeling i get all year. it means i get to spend an inordinate amount of time with some of my favourite humans--people i would spend every day with if i could. it means i get to see that silly smile on india's face. it means i get to eat s'mores every night, and not feel bad about it. it's a week of bare feet, evening sunshine through the trees, napping in the hammock and score settling rock, paper, scissors. 
it's actually pretty perfect.
before heading up, i made it a goal to take as much video as i took photos, and i am shocked to say, i actually friggen' did it. a mix of some of my favourite moments, it's by no means perfect, but it makes me feel like i'm hanging from the trees, smelling of campfire and soaking up the sunshine. ps-the song is "who knows who cares" by 'the local natives', and it's 100% my go-to summer song. even after 4 hours of editing this bitch, i could put this song on repeat and still love every second of it.
"summer afternoon -- summer afternoon,
to me those have always been the two most 
beautiful words
in the english language."
 --henry james


  1. This looks like such a fabulous time! And a fantastic video! Love it. I would love to have a place to go every summer to spend with my favorite people. Must be amazing! I hope I have that someday. :)

  2. you will look at this video for long, probably so often that when you add the time you spent watching it will add up to another four hours ;) because it will take you back there whenever you need it. very awesome that you figgin did it!

  3. Looooove camping holidays! Love your pictures and your video! Sweetest dog ever, that.

    Happy 100th post! I'm almost there too lol.


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