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Monday, August 20, 2012

because words mean everything.

with the recent addition of the "quotes" category, pinterest has been successful at totally melting me over the last few days: it was basically the last thing i needed them to do, to confirm my teensy, tiny obsession. throughout my searching, i love discovering a new poet, or writer, and then researching their works. it's always interesting to see if it was that one particular piece of theirs that i made a connection with, or if their entire collection is something i need to be aware of. here are a few of my favourite little discoveries.
happy new week.
this last note is my favourite. 
although sometimes, wether you believe it or not, 
your world and his world are the very same thing.


  1. I love thoughtful quotes. Have you read poetry by Nikki Giovanni? I think you'd like it. Here is one of my favorites by her:

  2. I agree the quotes on pinterest are so good - especially the poetic ones (and I still can't help the hilarious sarcastic ones too..). Love the top quote you picked here :)


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