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Friday, July 06, 2012

sometimes you just need a reminder.

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having this week off from work (with zero plans or things to do) has been just what i needed to get me right into the thick, heavy, laziness of summer. when the days are so hot, it takes all that's in you just to stay awake and keep going. we were fortunate enough to get the time off together, and i think the most productive thing we have accomplished all week, was being able to make permanent imprints of our asses in the couch. mine on the left, paul's on the right, and then there's india, right in between.

a part of me feels guilty for not doing more, while another part of me, a much larger part, is just fine with how things have played out. getting to spend time with each other, alone or with friends & family, and at home with the cat and pooch, is something i won't always get to take advantage of, so while i can, i will.

like the italians say 'dolce far niente'; the sweetness of doing nothing.
those italians sure as shit know what they're talkin' bout.

happy weekend.

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