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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

girls rule, boys drool.

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last night, i had my girlfriends cass & neena over (paulie cooked us dinner and the four of us ate the best pierogies with jalapenos in our dining room like one big happy family--i swear, paul has more girlfriends than any man i know). afterwards we sat on a blanket in the backyard, just us girls (india too of course) talkin' nail talk while toni braxton's "you're making me high" played on the laptop. 
it was a great little monday evening.

while we chatted, cass pulled up the video below, and i instantly fell in love. i don't know if i have been living under a rock for the last month or what, as this shit has gone crazy viral, but i am so glad she showed it to me. lennon & maisy are sisters, and they're canadian ta boot. from outside of toronto, they grew up on a 170 acre farm with no tv, internet or cell phones. lennon is 12 and maisy is a whopping 8 years old, these girls are cooler than i ever could be. when i grow up, i wanna be as cool as them. when lennon started singing, i couldn't believe she was only 12, her ingrid michaelson tendencies only make me more excited to see how amazing she is going to be as her voice matures. come on, her name alone (which i am smitten with, and if i didn't already have a lennon in my life, my future child would have been named this) has set her up for success. girls are the shit.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this video. I'd heard the song before, but not this cover of it! These girls are amazing! :)

  2. Uh...DAMN! I'm seriously jealous of a 12 & 8 year old right now.

    That was awesome. I liked the empty butter tin drums.

  3. Heckkkk! lennon's voice is seriously enviable. and HOW are they concentrating on flipping those tins at the same time as spewing their candy voices?

  4. Good lord. I bet Ellen is going to have them on her show, if she hasn't already. And that 12yr old looks older than me, dammit.

  5. I know. I know. So good. Check out the rest of their stuff, it's all so very good :) Steph--you're right ;)


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