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Thursday, June 14, 2012

boston & the boy.

there were only three preferences requirements when it came to deciding on where to go for our first anniversary getaway:

a} cobblestone streets.
b} a pretty bed & breakfast.
c} food. and a shitload of it.

my first thoughts went to montreal. we'd have all the cobblestone old montreal had to offer, literally 24 million b&b's to choose from and the chance to score reservations at 'garde manger', the restaurant the adorable chuck hughes owns and films his show from. then we discovered that it would be the grand prix weekend and that everyone and their mother would be in mtl. so we scratched that bidness.

then we considered new york city, having been there before and falling in love with it, we liked the idea of being able to see some of the things we didn't get to see the first time around. cobblestone? check. b&b's in brooklyn? check. food? seriously?

but when paulie mentioned boston, we stopped looking elsewhere. boston it is. boston it was.

the whole thing was booked and planned within a day or two, and all i had left to organize was what i wanted to wear each day, and how many pairs of shoes i could squeeze into my our suitcases (5 to be exact). we would have 3 nights and 4 lovely days to spend exploring what is now my favourite biggish city. i loved it even more than new york, and more than montreal too. it's no italy, but it's good. reeeeal good. in our short time there, we were able to explore some of the sweetest neighbourhoods, eat meals on patios, enjoy all the luxuries our stunning b&b had to offer, catch a red sox game on a perfect sunday afternoon, cuddle in boston common, drool over the harvard campus and really get to enjoy each other's company. it was a lovely, romantic, easy weekend. 
please go to boston.


  1. I am so glad you guys have such a great time! The b&b looks amazing! And everything sounds just wonderful! I absolutely love Boston. We live about an hour from there but definitely don't go as much as we should. And I've never spent a night there, which I think would be a ton of fun. I think we will have to plan on doing that sometime.

  2. What a fantastic place to choose for a 1st Anni getaway! I loved pouring through your pictures on facebook... everything looked so fresh, luxurious and just plain pleasant! Your outfits were all so flattering, you have the best taste. I don't know how you eat all that food and maintain your slinky shape!

    And Brittany, how dare you live an hour away!!

  3. My boyfriend just found out he got a week in July off and we are headed to Boston! I remembered you raving about it, re-found this post and was wondering if you had any must-sees/recommendations!?
    Super excited :D

    1. Oh I'm so jealous! You are going to LOVE the city! Our favourite thing we did was the Red Sox game, for sure. It was an amazing afternoon and integral to a full-blown Boston experience. We also took the train to the Harvard Campus and wandered around for an afternoon. Spend time in the Boston Common and check out as many dive-bars as you can, they always turned out to be the best! Clam chowder & lobster rolls and you'll be VERY happy! Enjoy!


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