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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

pretty things for ma's day.

my mom has always had incredibly expensive taste (i swear i have no idea where i get it from). it's a bad thing for my dad, but a great thing for her, as she has always had really nice stuff, that she keeps forever. she is a fan of classic items that never lose their style, and hardly ever has to get rid of something because it's 'out of date' or 'not in style any longer'. i think this is one of the best qualities i have picked up from my ma, and is something i try to carry with me through all aspects of my life. she has also taught me to 'be the better person', 'make more food than you think you would ever need' and if someone is pissing you off and just won't stop, it's ok to tell them to 'eat shit and die'.

with ma's day just around the corner, i thought i would put together a selection of some of the prettiest gift ideas i could think of. i know it seems cliché to throw perfume, flowers and jewelry in there, but done well, they are some of my mom's favourite gifts to receive, and some of my favourite gifts to give. any woman who tells you otherwise, is totally lying to you.


  1. Gorgeous collection.. those earrings are yummy!

  2. Love the earrings and the purse is sooo fab! Great watch too. Even though I am technically not yet a mom, think I can swing asking for a ma's day prize? LOL

  3. The earrings are my fave too girlies ;) Tashasita! Of course! You deserve a gift everyday! lol.


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