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Thursday, May 03, 2012

if all you did for yourself today was this, it would be enough.

remember that time i wrote about going to see oprah? i have thought about that day ever since, and will probably think about it everyday going forward, specifically the "emotional flooding" exercise tony robbins did with us. jules and i have been scouring the internet for a clip of this moment from the show, with no such luck. until today!


i have a feeling oprah waited to post this until the lifeclass we attended aired on her network, which was this past monday, and almost as incredible to watch in my living room alone, as it was to be there. i took advantage of my empty house, and when it came to this exercise, i fully participated. without curtains on my front room window, anyone who may have seen me from the street would have seen me standing there, hand on heart, crying like an idiot, and i still wouldn't have looked out of place. not in my neighbourhood.

if today, all you did for yourself was participate in this for 5 minutes, it would be enough.

enough to change your state of mind. 
enough to get you through. 
enough to make you feel. 
it's just enough.

"breathe deep in your heart. feel the power of your heart. feel the strength of your heart. feel grateful for your heart, and what it's guided you to do in this life. to give and to be. think about how you didn't have to buy this heart, you didn't have to earn it--something thought enough of you, to give you this gift of life."
{view from original source
ps-if you can get past the semi-cheesiness of it, you will see what i saw.
pss-thank the lord the camera didn't find it's way to me during this exercise. not pretty. not pretty at all.

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