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Monday, May 14, 2012

hearts & crafts: photo on canvas art.

i am a total slacker when it comes to decorating our home (back to the "i don't want to fall more in love with it then i already am if we don't plan on staying here forever" bidness), and considering it's been almost a year since we got married, and i still didn't have a single photo on the walls, it was time to do something about it. while visiting a friend in toronto, we stopped at an art supply shop to snoop around, and i snagged a 5 pack of 8x10 canvases for $20. i wasn't sure what i was going to do with them at the time, but i couldn't resist the deal and brought them home with me. fatefully, i came across this diy project on 'a beautiful mess' blog, and knew it would be a quick & easy project to tackle, and a great way to use the canvases. i may have even pulled off an easier project than the one that inspired me, 
and i am really happy with the finished product.

how we do: photo on canvas art
before i start, i have to say these would never have turned out as lovely as they did if it weren't for our photographer nataschia wielink. she captured our special day and all of it's important moments exactly how i hoped she would, and using high quality images is the key to making these puppies perfect. 

this project took me half an hour to make all four, plus about an hour for drying time. i'm a big fan of projects that are quick and satisfying, where in one afternoon you can go from a blank wall, to your own little gallery. use this technique with freebie prints off the net, images from glossy magazines or anything you see fit.
decide which photos you want for your series, keeping in mind orientation, colour and variety. i chose some images that were landscape and some that were portrait, all with the same pop of colour and feel. once you're happy with your choices, the rest of the project is a breeze.
*please don't judge my unpainted nails. they needed a break to be naked & free.
because my photos were the same size as the canvas, i chose to trim a tiny bit off each photo to leave an edge around it on the canvas. it created a border that allows you to easily see the canvas sides, which is my favourite thing about the prints. using a ruler, mark off how much you need to cut off, and with sharp scissors cut as straight of a line as you can.
apply matte mod podge glue to the back of your photo, and using a sponge brush, spread it out evenly and fully. flip the photo onto the canvas, and adjust it until it's as square and centered as possible, smoothing over the image with your hands, pressing out any bubbles or creases. photo paper is thick enough that you don't get much creasing, but if you are using printer paper or anything less heavy than photo paper, it may cause you some grief.
once in place, apply a good amount of mod podge to the photo and smooth it out. it will look opaque at first, but within minutes it begins to go clear (dry, the glue leaves a matte and textured finish). make sure you apply enough glue along the edges of the image so it doesn't lift or peel up. i let the glue dry overnight before hanging them, but after an hour, they were  definitely dry enough to handle.
 they look so sweet grouped at the top of our stairs, and bring some much needed colour to a once very white wall. lennon watched me hang them, and gave them his yawn of approval. i plan on buying some larger canvases, to make some nice sized prints of the whole wedding party to add to the grouping. once i have children, i will have 6000 of these made up and hung on every inch of wall we own.


  1. I love these. I have seen projects like this on Pinterest and have thought about trying but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm glad to hear that it really is an easy project. The pictures look beautiful together and make the wall look great!!

  2. Fan-tas-ma-gorical! So simple and cheap! Buying printed canvases is waaaaay pricey. Shall be trying these when I've finished sugar-soaping all our walls (groan).

  3. Thanks Ladies! Give this a try, it's so worth it! Hannah, I washed this wall before hanging the canvases, and that was enough work for me. I can't imagine having to wash ALL of them :S


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