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Saturday, April 28, 2012

this wild idea.

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there are few things i love more than stumbling upon something that leads me to stumbling upon something even better, until inevitably, the stumbling leads to falling right into the thick of it. that thing, a good book, a new favourite show, the perfect little restaurant, changes so many things for you, you wonder why it took so long to find it in the first place. that thing you were meant to find, whether on purpose or pure happenstance, has made it's way into your life, and now you have no choice, but to do something with it; 
let it entertain you, let it change you, let it inspire you.

i stumbled upon this wild idea, and now i'm stuck in it, like 4' of thick, wet, lovely mud, and i don't really want to get out. it has me wrapped around it's pinky finger, in anticipation of what's to come. theron humprhey, the southern, beautifully bearded fellow fueling this project, quit his job as a commercial photographer (he has a master of fine arts in photography) because "one morning he woke up, and decided he needed to use photography to connect with folks and tell their story". the plan: travel to 52 states, in 365 days, with his pooch maddie, each day making a point to meet someone new, and share their story. he comes into their lives, just for one day, sees what they are all about, and then moves on. what he learns, he shares on his website day by day, and although they are only fragments and pieces of a much bigger picture, they have a beautiful way of showing how incredibly connected we all really are. we all leave dishes in the sink. we all have a passion for something. and we all, whether we want to admit or not, make mistakes.

along the way, theron started sharing photos of his pooch, and her amazing talents. i thought india was cool shit, but maddie, she's like an acrobat, a ballerina and a model all rolled into one strong, little body. the companionship between the two of them is my favourite part of the journey he is they are on, wherever he goes, she is right there with him, and the bond they have formed because of that, makes me feel like a terrible dog owner and seriously jealous all at once. love maddie here.

this wild idea has me changing my way of thinking. thinking about how beautiful it is to know that people i don't even know, are able to take hold of their lives and live them. thinking about how much i think about doing this for myself. and until i can get to a place within myself, where i can muster up the courage, the strength and the balls to do something about filling that space between my head and my heart, i will continue to live vicariously through the lives of the lucky ones.

you'll need more than a cuppa tea to enjoy this wild idea. make a pot, and get under a blanket already. 
let it entertain you, let it change you, let it inspire you.
love this wild idea here.


  1. Wow, what a guy! He's having the most perfect adventure ever. I wish I had time to listen to all the people's stories, but I don't think I will!

    I just read his story about having all his equiptment/hard-drives of photos stolen... what morons!!!! How utterly heartbreaking. Makes me so mad.

  2. The journey he and the pooch are on, both inspires me and makes me terribly jealous. Whenever I need a pick me up, I head over the the blog and read story, or look through his photos. It always brightens my day :)

    He made a video to talk about it, and ask for some donations to help buy new gear. When he said his hard drives were stolen with 5 months of photos, I could have cried! How could anyone do something like that?!?

    Bad people suck.

  3. Can't wait to check this blog out! You always give me something new to look at Amanda, thank you :) I don't have much time and I love that I can come straight to your blog and know I will find something interesting and new here without having to search elsewhere myself. Thanks Girlie.


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