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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

springtime in the city.

even welland has bloomed over the last week or so, making everything a little easier to look at. however the cold snap last week caused frost damage on all the magnolias, leaving them brown and really caca looking. i knew it was going to happen when i saw their woolly buds start popping open by the third week of march; all it takes is a few warm days and those things are making an appearance more premature than a 16 year old boy. i was able to get a few pics before the frost did it's damage, along with some other pretty blooming trees and lovely moments from the past little bit. surprise surprise, pink is the dominating colour in my life.

ps-instagram is available on android now if you're looking for something to get addicted to.
pss-i have given my blog some lovin' over the last wee bit. hope you like it!
kisses for windy. pink hydrangea. tea & fires. 
magnolia. monday morning babies. avec lennon.
happy spring craft. pink lemonade + vodka. in bloom.


  1. These pictures are lovely! Do you use photoshop to edit your photos for the blog? Like to put them all in a square like that??
    Also, thank you so much for sharing that instagram is finally for android. I have been waiting!!

  2. INSTAGRAM IS NOW FOR ANDROID???!!!! ARRRGH!!! Sorry, got to run ladies ;)

    P.S. Delicious palate of pictures Amanda x


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