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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

instagram love: favourite follows.

throughout my time on instagram, i have found a few really amazing people to follow. sometimes it's because they have commented or liked something i have posted, or were someone a person i follow liked, either way, i'm glad to have found them. my favourite thing about the app, is getting to see little moments in people's everyday lives, through something as simple as a photo. although i become slightly jealous that some of these instagrammers live in such beautiful cities, that they could photograph pretty well anything in front of them, and it turns out picture perfect, it's still a great way to get inspired. can i do that here in welland? no, not so much.

so, to share the love, here are 3 instagrammers i currently adore following.
a fellow canadian, his feed is probably my favourite. he calls himself a "toronto art director/iphoneographer/traveler", pretty much all my favourite things. his main subject is his french bulldog 'ernesto', and this pooch is ridiculous. ernesto? really? i want him and india to date. he sounds like a rico suave spaniard, who could sweep her off her paws. i thought india was a model (we have started calling her 'windy crawford'), this pooch blows her skills out of the water. these are a few of my favourite photos of his.
this gentlemen currently resides in london, who loves to cook, and photograph the things he makes and the places he has been. he is really good at snapping a pic at the right time, and easily captures the special moments in his life. everything he makes looks delicious, and he makes me want to visit london more than i did before discovering him on instagram. he also writes a great food blog, with pictures that look as lovely as the food he makes.
and of course one of my favourites lives in paris. they are actually a couple, that describe themselves as "a creative couple, in love with provence, with lots of projects in mind". every morning they post their breakfast (which is usually set up to resemble a face) and continue to share the prettiest pockets in paris throughout the day. i adore them.
if you use instagram and are looking for some inspirational, creative people to follow, please check out these peeps, they are worth checking out! and if you follow someone you think i will love, feel free to share! i love that kind of shit.


  1. I added all 3 to my instagram! Love them all! The one from Paris makes me want to go visit Paree.

  2. Hi - thanks for your very kind words. I'm glad that I'm making you want to visit my adopted home city. Come soon!


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