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Friday, March 16, 2012

pretty pinterest things: st.patrick's day edition.

with so much inspiration at my fingertips, i have no idea how i let these last few days fly by without getting in the kitchen and baking something up for st.patty's day. i almost feel guilty going in to work empty handed, but those bastards get something every holiday, i can't possibly whip my martha out every damn time. paulie even said he needs some rainbow bit cupcakes with rainbow bit icing in his life, so i will probably spend tomorrow morning making those and drinking beer. yes, i said morning. it's st.patty's, you can drink whenever the hell you want. maybe put the beer in the cupcakes? now we're talkin'.

 if you're in need of some last minute inspiration, or just to remind yourself how much time other people have on their hands, here's some of my favourite st.patty's 'pins' i would have attempted, had i not laid on the couch and watched 3 hours of television last night (after a spin class and pooch walk mind you, i'm not that lazy).


  1. Ai yai yai!! It all looks so wonderful together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh man. they all look sooo yummy. pinterest just makes me hungry. :)


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