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Friday, January 20, 2012

pretty pinterest things.

this week was an exceptional one on pinterest if i do say so myself. i found lots of inspiration for valentine's day hearts and crafts, stumbled upon two new blogs that i am loving, this nail blog and this diy blog, and started a new board dedicated to beards. because who doesn't love a 
sexy as all hell, perfectly trimmed, manly beard.

these are a few of my favourite pinterest finds of the week. 
happy weekend!
double waterfall braid. an edgy half moon mani. using maps to wrap gifts; great idea for 
honeymoon & moving gifts. fennec fox. the world's smallest fox, can be domesticated, and i want one.

*speeding ticket update: i am happy to report that i have only broke the speed limit once twice since getting my speeding ticket two fucking fridays ago. this is a serious accomplishment for me, and although i am proud, i have to say, that my car has never had its ass rode so hard in all it's life. i am pretty sure there have been a few times when the car behind me was so close while driving, we were actually connected. like a train. if i drove a beater, i would slam on my breaks and make the asshole drive into me. the whiplash would be worth it.

so now i have to wonder: is driving the speed limit and not getting a ticket (once in 12 years) worth the annoyance of having my poor little car's rear end violated on the regular? i'm leaning towards no.

ps-my father found out about my ticket, and has referred to me only as "andretti" ever since. greeeaaaat.


  1. Love the map wrapping and the child dressed as Prince. amazing stache! hahha.
    And I agree about the driving under the speed limit...I hate having cars ride my ass. I have only gotten one speeding ticket ever...when I was 18. Good luck with that.

  2. Pretty finds! I found a whole bunch of vintage/old maps in my mother in laws garage this month. So stole them.

  3. Brittany! Isn't he sweet?!?! My poor children will have no idea what hit them. Sweet score Hannah! Love when that happens :)


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