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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

coconut oil: not just for cooking anymore.

when it comes to growing long, soft, healthy hair down to my waist, i am willing to do just about anything. i have been growing it out for over two years now, and am two shakes of a lambs tail away from fully liberating myself of the burden and shaving that shit clean off. i have been patient, dedicated and faithful, yet i feel like if paul didn't cut his hair for six months, it would be a foot longer than mine is and look ten times more fabulous in a messy bun and headband. he's more of a girl when it comes to his beautiful thick hair than i ever could even dream of. if he had it his way, my hair would be chin length and brunette for the rest of my life. tough titties.

last week he came home blabbing about how his boss and his wife have fully changed their lifestyles, and have started cooking only with coconut oil. without going too in depth about it's chemical composition (i got a 70 in science) coconut oil is over 90% saturated fats, which scares people into not using it. i let paulie do some research, and although those saturated fats are present, the main acid that make up the fat is very good for you. i don't need to know anymore than that, nor do i care to. it smells like heaven and i want to slather it all over myself like you're buttering up a thanksgiving turkey.

beyond the health benefits that coconut oil possesses, are the beauty benefits that have me so excited i had to share. you can use it to remove eye makeup, as a moisturizer (i love how it smells like tanning oil) and as a massage oil. one of the world's best kept beauty secrets, coconut oil is like crack to your hair and scalp. skeptical when i read this as i had come to understand that your hair doesn't benefit much from applying products topically, i was always under the impression that you need to ingest the nutrients that will affect your hair, i did more research. turns out, indian women have been using coconut oil since the dawn of time to add nutrients and moisture, leaving their hair shiny and soft. and god knows, indian women have princess jasmine hair that i pay a lot of money for in the form of extensions. it will help if you suffer from dandruff and dry scalp, and the proteins in it will nourish damaged hair and promote re-growth. i told you i did my research.

so when paul walked through the door last week with a gigantic tub of coconut oil, i snatched it from him and claimed it as mine. i 'you tubed' a coconut oil hair treatment that you can watch herethat was easy to follow and is clearly working for the girl. she does a start to finish tutorial and has many videos on other treatment methods. a tablespoon of coconut oil, two hours and a head totally wrapped in saran later has me walking around like i'm jennifer anniston. it feels like when you get your hair freshly cut and dyed, extra soft and full of life, i can't keep my fingers out of it. i make paul run his hands through it every chance i get...i feel like a real girl. i plan on doing the oil treatment twice a week until it's as healthy as i can get it, and then take er' down to once a week. too much protein can cause adverse effects, stripping your hair and leaving it dry and brittle. i honestly pictured removing my saran turban, washing my hair out, and discovering i am bald as a bean.

if you're desperado for the hair of your dreams, buy a tub of virgin coconut oil. best $15 you'll ever spend.
the oil is pressed, so scrape a little out with your finger, 
and the warmth of your hand will melt it within seconds.


  1. your hair looks gorgeous!! I might just have to give this a try. I am never happy with my hair...I will let you know how it goes!

  2. Argh, coconut oil is my bff! So glad you've discovered it. You're right, a lot of people think it would be deadly for you, but it's sooo not true! It doesn't act the same bad way usual saturated fats do. If you can find a place that sells it bulk (like in takeout containers) you'll be making healthy treats and everything with it! My friend actually washs her face in the shower with it, and says it cleanses and moisturises all at once.

    p.s. eyemakeup remover hey... thank you!


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