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Thursday, December 01, 2011

for what it's worth.

well. here goes nothin'.
for what it's worth i'm going to write a blog.

cause i have shit to say, and the kid i live with is tired of hearing about it. maybe if i share it with the world, i'll finally feel like i can get it all out and can shut the eff up, but probably not. on the heels of my wedding i have been left to mourn the stress of organizing something that is creatively satisfying, personal and fulfilling. i find myself jumping at the opportunity to plan anything i can get my dirty little hands on: 
"paul, do you want to have a dinner party? is a seating chart, place cards and programs overkill? yes? tough titties".

oh, and because i love to share. despite my grade two report card which said something along the lines of "amanda has 'difficulty' sharing and doesn't like waiting her turn" i want others to be able to enjoy the things that pique my interest and tickle my fancy. when i find something too good to keep to myself, i want to be able to say "check this shit out world! you're gonna love it!". 20 years later i like to think i have learned how to share, however i still absolutely hate waiting my turn.

and, maybe most importantly, i need to write. journals are fun but only for the person writing them. unless you're like me and have a younger brother who went through your crap and found anything and everything you ever had to say about the boy you crushed hard on for ten years but never gave your pimpled face the time of day. there's only so many love notes i can write in birthday cards ('someone' got three this birthday cause i just couldn't seem to get it all out in one) and the idea of writing a book makes me piss myself.

so this will be the place where i am can let my hair down. where i'll talk about arts and crafts, delicious recipes, fashion and beauty, home decor, entertaining, movies, music and anything else that is worthy of being shared; a plethora or polish tea towel of things if you will. a place where i can organize my thoughts and spare my husband's sanity. at the end of the day, he couldn't care less if i found the sickest tutorial on how to make the cutest tank top from a pair of underwear, but maybe, just maybe, someone else out there does. 
and if you are that person, i'm glad we found each other.

welcome to pretty things & potty mouths. - pretty things & potty mouths. talking about random pretty shit since right now.


  1. Ahhh... That was beyond! Mandypants; I love it. Esp the last paragraph and final sentence. Go ballistic woman!!!

  2. I'm excited to see where this goes!! I am pimping you out on Twitter right now :) Can't wait to read more!

  3. Thank you ladies! I think it's going to be fun :) Thanks Candi! I need to get on Twitter. Again. lol. xoxo

  4. Ok, so I shamelessly admit to rampant internet stalking (what else is facebook created for?) and I just wanted to tell you, Amanda, that I hard core stalked you on wedding by color. I never actually finished my wedding blog on there...I never even actually got to updating the actual color I used...BUT I loved to read your posts about your wedding. I fell in love with your writing (and with that too much? Again, shameless). And while randomly remembering you and looking to see if you had a pinterest account (seems SO right up your ally, btw), I stumbled across your blog and I am so FREAKIN excited to follow it. =) This has made my day and I thought I'd share my enthusiasm. So thanks.

  5. Dani! Hi sweetie! Thank you SO MUCH for all your kind words! They made my DAY. I am so glad you were able to find me, so we can connect again! I missed wedding blogging so much, I had to start a new blog! I hope your big day was so special, and all your hard work paid off :) I'm sure it was amazing. Thanks again...glad Pinterest was able to get us back together :) Thanks so much.


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